The Phase 1 habitat classification and associated field survey technique provides a relatively rapid system to record semi-natural vegetation and other wildlife habitats. Each habitat type/feature is defined by way of a brief description and is allocated a specific name, an alpha-numeric code, and unique mapping colour. The system has been widely used and continues to act as the standard phase 1 technique for habitat survey across the UK.

The Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey utilises the same approach as above; however, this survey also includes the likelihood for the presence (or likely absence) of protected and notable species, based upon the habitats present and review of local ecological records. 

Following completion of the Phase 1 or Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey, a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)  will be produced.  This will detail the habitat features present on site, the sites suitability to support protected and notable species and the requirement for further survey effort.