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When protected species are identified within a site, it is often a requirement for mitigation measures to be put in place to reduce any adverse impacts resulting from development or change in land use. 

Middlewood Ecology has experience in the design and implementation of a wide range of mitigation measures, including:


Creation of artificial badger setts;

Closure of existing badger setts;

Reptile translocation;

Bat box installation;

Supervised bat roost demolition/stripping; 

Great crested newt translocation;

Hibernacula/refugia construction;

Receptor site creation;

Pond creation;

Installation of amphibian fencing;

Reasonable Avoidance Measures.


Middlewood Ecology has been the Named Ecologist on several European Protected Species Licences for Great Crested Newt and has also been the Named Ecologist on numerous development licences for badger.


Additionally, Middlewood Ecology now hold a Class Licence for badger, meaning that they can obtain development licences for badger in a quicker and more cost effective way.