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Several species in the UK are afforded protection under UK Legislation.  These species are a material consideration for any planning application and therefore require further survey effort.

Middlewood Ecology are experienced in surveying for a number of protected and notable species. This includes the following:

Badger - presence/absence surveys, territory mapping (or bait marking), and reverse bait marking studies;

Great crested newt (and other amphibians) - presence/absence surveys, population size class assessment, terrestrial surveys;

Bats - bat roost potential assessment, internal/external inspections, emergence/re-entry surveys, and activity surveys;

Otter - presence/absence surveys;

Water vole - presence/absence surveys, population assessments;

White-clawed crayfish - presence/absence surveys, population assessment;

Reptiles - presence/absence surveys, population assessments.

In addition, Middlewood Ecology has experience in undertaking presence/absence surveys for wildcat, red deer, red squirrel and pine martin

Mike holds survey licences for a number of protected species, including badger (class), great crested newt (class 2), white-clawed crayfish (class) and bat (class 1).